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Machine à Sous Captains Treasure | France

März Machine à Sous Captains Treasure | France. Die Nutzer von iPhone und iPad knnen zudem eine. März 21 Jan Machines à sous 8 Ball Slot | France In order to play the Slot machines Captain's Treasure game, players have an option of. 7. Sept. 21 Jan Machines à sous 8 Ball Slot | France In order to play the Slot machines Captain's Treasure game, players have an.

There are several practising ambrotypists and tintypists who regularly set up and make images at Civil War re-enactments.

Fine art photographers use the process and its handcrafted individuality for gallery showings and personal work.

There are several makers of reproduction equipment. The process is taught in workshops around the world and several workbooks and manuals are in print.

There are many more as well that have contributed to bringing this process forward to a modern age. A portable photography studio in 19th century Ireland.

The wet collodion process sometimes gave rise to portable darkrooms, as photographic images needed to be developed while the plate was still wet.

The collodion process produced a negative image on a transparent support glass. This was an improvement over the calotype process, invented by William Henry Fox Talbot, which relied on paper negatives, and the daguerreotype, which produced a one-of-a-kind positive image and could not be replicated.

The collodion process, thus combined desirable qualities of the calotype process enabling the photographer to make a theoretically unlimited number of prints from a single negative and the daguerreotype creating a sharpness and clarity that could not be achieved with paper negatives.

Collodion printing was typically done on albumen paper. The collodion process had other advantages, especially in comparison with the daguerreotype.

It was a relatively inexpensive process. The polishing equipment and fuming equipment needed for the daguerreotype could be dispensed with entirely.

The support for the images was glass, which was far less expensive than silver-plated copper, and was more durable than paper negatives.

It was also fast for the time, requiring only seconds for exposure. The wet collodion process had a major disadvantage. The entire process, from coating to developing, had to be done before the plate dried.

This gave the photographer no more than 10 minutes to complete everything. This made it inconvenient for field use, as it required a portable darkroom.

The plate dripped silver nitrate solution, causing stains and troublesome build-ups in the camera and plate holders. The silver nitrate bath was also a source of problems.

It gradually became saturated with alcohol, ether, iodide and bromide salts, dust, and various organic matter.

It would lose effectiveness, causing plates to mysteriously fail to produce an image. As with all preceding photographic processes, the wet-collodion process was sensitive only to blue light.

Warm colours appear dark, cool colours uniformly light. A sky with clouds is impossible to render, as the spectrum of white clouds contains about as much blue as the sky.

Lemons and tomatoes appear a shiny black, and a blue and white tablecloth appears plain white. Victorian sitters who in collodion photographs look as if they are in mourning might have been wearing bright yellow or pink.

It is a hand-tinted ambrotype using the set collodion positive process, made circa Despite its disadvantages, wet plate collodion became enormously popular.

It was used for portraiture, landscape work, architectural photography and art photography. The wet plate process is used by a number of artists and experimenters who prefer its aesthetic qualities to those of the more modern gelatin silver process.

The extreme inconvenience of exposing wet collodion in the field led to many attempts to develop a dry collodion process, which could be exposed and developed some time after coating.

A large number of methods were tried, though none was ever found to be truly practical and consistent in operation.

Typically, methods involved coating or mixing the collodion with a substance that prevented it from drying quickly.

As long as the collodion remained at least partially wet, it retained some of its sensitivity. Common processes involved chemicals such as glycerin, magnesium nitrate, tannic acid and albumen.

Others involved more unlikely substances, such as tea, coffee, honey, beer and seemingly unending combinations thereof.

Many methods worked to an extent; they allowed the plate to be exposed hours, or even days, after coating. They all possessed the chief disadvantage, that they rendered the plate extremely slow.

An image could require anywhere from three to ten times more exposure on a dry plate than on a wet plate. Sayce published an idea for a process that would revolutionize photography.

They suggested that sensitive silver salts be formed in a liquid collodion, rather than being precipitated, in-situ, on the surface of a plate.

A light-sensitive plate could then be prepared by simply flowing this emulsion across the surface of a glass plate; no silver nitrate bath was required.

This idea was soon brought to fruition. First, a printing emulsion was developed using silver chloride. These emulsions were slow, and could not be developed, so they were mostly used for positive printing.

Shortly later, silver iodide and silver bromide emulsions were produced. These proved to be significantly faster, and the image could be brought out by development.

The emulsions also had the advantage that they could be washed. In the wet collodion process, silver nitrate reacted with a halide salt; potassium iodide, for example.

This resulted in a double replacement reaction. The silver and iodine ions in solution reacted, forming silver iodide on the collodion film. However, at the same time, potassium nitrate also formed, from the potassium ions in the iodide and the nitrate ions in the silver.

This salt could not be removed in the wet process. However, with the emulsion process, it could be washed out after creation of the emulsion.

The speed of the emulsion process was unremarkable. It was not as fast as the ordinary wet process, but was not nearly as slow as the dry plate processes.

Its chief advantage was that each plate behaved the same way. Inconsistencies in the ordinary process were rare. This section's tone or style may not reflect the encyclopedic tone used on Wikipedia.

See Wikipedia's guide to writing better articles for suggestions. December Learn how and when to remove this template message.

Below is an example of the preparation of a collodion emulsion, from the late 19th century. The language has been adapted to be more modern, and the units of measure have been converted to metric.

Four or five drops of nitric acid are added. This is added to half the collodion made above. This is then poured into the other half of the collodion; the brominized collodion dropped in, slowly, while stirring.

The result is an emulsion of silver bromide. It is left to ripen for 10 to 20 hours, until it attains a creamy consistency.

It may then be used or washed, as outlined below. To wash, the emulsion is poured into a dish and the solvents are evaporated until the collodion becomes gelatinous.

It is then washed with water, followed by a washing in alcohol. After washing, it is redissolved in a mixture of ether and alcohol and is then ready for use.

Emulsions created in this manner could be used wet, but they were often coated on the plate and preserved in similar ways to the dry process.

Collodion emulsion plates were developed in an alkaline developer, not unlike those in common use today. An example formula follows.

When needed for use, mix 0. Flow this over the plate until developed. If a dry plate is used, first wash the preservative off in running water.

Facebook Page - Getty images - px. Dieses Überangebot an Glas allein in unserem Haushalt machte mir die Entscheidung welches Foto ich einstellen soll schwer.

The second photo, a small round crystal glass vase with stopper! A segunda foto, um pequeno vaso redondo de cristal com tampa! Det andra fotot, en liten rund kristallglasvase med stopp!

Det andet billede, en lille runde krystalglasvace med stop! Hallo mijn lieve vrienden, een onderwerp met veel mogelijkheden, We ontmoeten elkaar op glas waar we ook zijn.

Dit overaanbod van Glasallein in ons huishouden heeft me de beslissing gemaakt die Fotoich moeilijk zou moeten aanpassen. Dus er waren er twee die ik je voorstel.

De tweede foto, een kleine ronde kristallen glazen vaas met stop! Vtoraya fotografiya, malen'kaya kruglaya steklyannaya vaza s probkoy! Explore Trending More More.

View all All Photos Tagged 5-J Thanks for dropping by, all comments and favs are highly appreciated! April 11, The Scranton returned to homeport after a routine underway period.

August 20, USS Scranton returned to homeport after a six-month deployment. November 8, The Scranton transited the Panama Canal southbound. Foggy autumnal afternoon by Ioan Bacivarov.

Thank you in advance View Awards Count. Contempler l'orage by Pierre-Paul Feyte. Tonight by Eric G. A beautiful autumnal evening J by Heidi Facklam.

Shot on Cannon Beach at the end of october. Amazing Nature Level 2! Amazing Nature Level 3! Amazing Nature Level 4! Amazing Nature Hall of Fame! Give 2 - Get 5: Post 1 - Award 5: Level 3 Post 1 Award 3 Sweeper Active!

L1 P1-A5 Contest Open. Level 2 Post 1 - Award 5 Viva la Vida! Level 3 Post 1 - Award 5 "Viva la Vida! Et deux Tag d'un coup, deux! J'ai pas envi de retourner en cours, pour voir leurs faces de gomettes tout pourrittes.

Je suis un pur fan de "Le coeur a ses raisons". Plus tard je serais le roi du monde. Ending day at northwest by Alberto J. Yes, my photo has signature, watermark and registration stamp.

I know, I have set intentionally. Envol Aigrette by cc The marsh of Maye is a particularly extensive wetland, about 3 kilometers along the river.

Oliver Cromwell said it all. What TV or radio moment sums up the expenses scandal for you? David on July 05, at Can you send one of the reporters to do an 'expo' on the Vancouver Olympic scandal??

Mike J on June 22, at Allan D Cox on June 22, at Lorraine Smith on June 22, at Andy on June 22, at Don't think any more need be said!!!

Horne on June 21, at They should be above all such behaviour. Nick Medhurst Nicholas Medhurst on June 21, at This was called "Ash Cash". I wonder what Ash Cash is nowadays?

R Preston on June 21, at Frank on June 21, at The senior none excutive director usually chairs the renummeration committee.

Oh to be on the BT board of directors Charlie Stone on June 20, at Norma Brewer on June 20, at Well if nothing else - that's all changed and that can't be a bad thing.

A disgraceful example for our kids but a good lesson learnt. Peter Matthews on June 20, at Mr J C Adams on June 20, at Great show looking forward to the rest.

Glenn on June 19, at Gary C on June 19, at Peter Appleby on June 19, at Bill Harmer on June 19, at Who was it who taght lads to pick pocket skillfuly.

It is a Fagins Den. Thank heaven or Freedom of the Press and the Daily Telegraph. Even Gordon Brown and David Cameron were "at it". Robet Kennedy on June 19, at They need changing from time to time and for the same reason!!!

Tom Clode on June 19, at Paul on June 19, at Michael Kennedy on June 19, at Andrew Grimes on June 18, at I understand they still draw their salary.

Are they also drawing their parliamentary as well. Derek Duly on June 18, at Will he reform politics?

Will he save us all? Will the Labour daggers sink into his back? Will he hire Sir Alan for gumptions that he lacks? Will he have the ire to nick Sir Alans, Fired!

Will this SOAP continue until the end of year? The fines were for for lunches, sundrie items and the like. I did not get the choice to appeal, they wanted their money and slapped a hefty fine on top.

What is the interest rate for this I wonder?? Bill Whyte on June 04, at Roger David Newman on June 04, at Did they do it, no they didnt.

Did they line up to give those awful single mothers as good a kicking as the male members. Instead they lorded around with that arrogant swagger and sickening look on their faces.

That my friend is the face of Feminism and the Fabians and even with make up on its dammed ugly. Ken the POM on June 04, at Bob Crabtree on June 03, at Howes on June 03, at Margaret Bowker on June 03, at Henry Keswick on June 03, at The salary was not excessive in relation to the average wage of the day.

They could also claim expenses incurred inthe course of their duties. Not getting re-elected was part of the job. Is this like feathering your own nest?

Colin Paddon on June 03, at Also why not go back to the past years eg years? S khan on June 03, at Geoff Crimes on June 03, at Ethics were quickly forgotten and laws changed to excuse the fraud.

Roddy on June 02, at Please get a grip. Danny Sapiano on June 02, at A Macmillan on June 02, at Like a normal job then as Dimblebee helpfully pointed out.

Will on June 02, at What a bunch of shameless twits. Brian Gargate on June 01, at David on June 01, at John Green on June 01, at Ian - Chester on June 01, at Michael Freeman, E1 on June 01, at Is there a single virtue now remaining amongst you?

Is there one vice you do not possess? Is there a man amongst you that has the least care for the good of the Commonwealth? Take away that shining bauble there, and lock up the doors.

In the name of God, go! Times don't change huh? Steve on June 01, at That rise is 25 pence! Or is it that the superior politicians and civil service have threatened them to layoff?

If it was any of us we would have been held guilty unless proven innocent. Richard Stainthorp on June 01, at Bruce Nelson on June 01, at Les DeVine - Portugal on June 01, at In my view certainly one of the top sinners.

M Hartmann on June 01, at Like the way they behaved sheep like for Mr Blair when it came to the Iraq invasion. Denis Findlay on June 01, at Pai e Filho by Marco Vianna.

J - Jamed by Karna Jensen. Planting j by Washington Square Park Conservancy. Un petit monde de couleurs by Samuel Gachet.

Among the many thoughts and feelings with which the wonderful events of the last days fill us all a deep sense of awe must predominate in reflecting minds.

The answer of Germany is due within a few hours, and there can no longer be much doubt of its tenor. Among the many thoughts and feelings with which the wonderful events of the last days fill us all a deep sense of awe must Struggling lenders are offering concessions, including free valuations and furniture, to entice mortgage customers.

In a slow property market banks and building societies are desperate to reach their lending targets, so there has never been a better time to negotiate a home loan.

Struggling lenders are offering concessions, including free valuations and furniture, to entice If you are a freelancer with an unconventional working pattern or income stream you are likely to find it hard to get If you are a freelancer with an unconventional working pattern or income stream you are likely to find it hard to get a mortgage.

Together, a specialist lender, found that the self-employed or those buying unusual properties made up 54 per cent of rejected mortgage applicants.

Among families and friends, money is often a taboo subject. People who are able to divulge intimate details of their People who are able to divulge When it comes to student debt, chances are you fall into one of two camps.

H ow do you teach your children to save? You can discuss the rate that the cash is earning if you have opted for a cash Isa, or how the underlying fund is Open a Junior Isa Jisa for them and regularly explain Even his prints and lithographs are A Centenary Poppy cash Isa that supports military veterans has been named as one of the best savings accounts on the A Centenary Poppy cash Isa that supports military veterans has been named as one of the best Those who have signed up for a green energy tariff lured by the cheaper price should be aware that their savings may Those who have signed up for a green energy tariff lured by the cheaper price should be aware Two shows may make you rethink your assumptions about nudity.

The odd-couple duo are making strange and thrilling pop. Which dog do you go for? Do you keep a white fluffball tucked into your Prada tote bag?

Does a slavering rottweiler tow you along? Maybe you prefer the safety of the stout family labrador. Or perhaps like me you hang out with a few semi-feral It was the s, it was the first time I had watched a film in a cinema and the experience made quite an impression on me.

I knew, of course The Times food editor on the burgers to buy — and the ones to avoid. My neighbour is great in nearly every way. Firm tofu should be pressed first to remove as much moisture as possible before adding to stir-fries or casseroles.

Silken tofu, on the other hand, is ideal as a thick cream substitute in puddings. Soya milk There are plenty of dairy milk alternatives — The vegan shopping list Tofu Protein-rich soya bean curd is the most versatile ingredient in How to make tofu tasty What is it?

Soya beans that have been boiled, curdled and pressed in much the same way as you Soya beans that have been boiled, curdled and pressed in much the same way as you would make cheese.

The beans are ground and soaked in warm water, then strained to become soya milk. This is then simmered with a coagulant — traditionally nigari magnesium chloride , which is what Soya beans that have been boiled, curdled and pressed in much the same way as you would make No one feels like exercise in November.

A new study suggests that we move an average of 18 minutes less every day during winter than we do But research shows that however cold it is, and however For this Armistice centenary weekend, a walk of three lives to be remembered.

The first two are intertwined — Hal Willoughby Sandham , an unsung Great War soldier, and the artist Stanley Spencer , whose murals in the Sandham The first two are A family dog-sledding adventure with 60 huskies — and the northern lights.

A tour of First World War cemeteries gives a vivid insight into the human cost of conflict. Ypres was annihilated by German bombardment. The city was reborn from the ashes.

Happily, the quintessentially exotic isle really does exist, off the coast of Tanzania We were married at St Matthias Anglican Church in Hastings, Barbados, 34 years ago and are thinking about going back to the island in January.

We plan to return to the Coconut Court apartments near the church and might like to stay for a couple of nights somewhere else on the island.

Could you advise us on sights and special places to visit? We like beaches, local The spa has a 16m outdoor vitality pool, a hot tub, a Finnish sauna, a rasul mud room and four thermal suites.

We round up the best British spa hotels for facials, massages — and a whole lot of pampering. Scotland has become the first country in the world to ensure its education system officially recognises the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and He records his view that Foch had No other soldier of modern times has been subjected to more demonisation than Sir Douglas Haig, the senior British No other soldier of modern times has been subjected to more demonisation than Sir Douglas Haig, the senior British army commander of the First World War.

His reputation has undergone seismic changes, from hero to villain and back again. He ended the war on a high note, receiving an earldom and the thanks of a No other soldier of modern times has been subjected to more demonisation than Sir Douglas Haig, the senior British army Next week a crowdfunding campaign will be launched In the past 12 months Jeane Freeman has given up smoking and taken over responsibility for health, social care and the NHS.

The urge to nip out for a cigarette still builds some days, she says, but she has found it passes, although she concedes In the past 12 months Jeane Freeman has given up smoking and taken over responsibility for health The CBI has urged ministers to bring the Both were born in the west of Scotland Byrne in and Gray in and both became known, initially, as visual artists before extending their reach into writing novels Both were born in the west of Scotland Byrne in and Gray in Pittodrie was wrapped in a vortex Gambling companies are allowing Irish children to open online accounts without checking their age, the first study of its kind in Ireland has found.

Few consumer protections are in place for punters and most companies do not require proof of age to open an account.

Gambling companies are allowing Irish children to open online accounts without checking their age, the first study of its kind Dublin airport used to have about 3, staff, but it has recently added , new workers and they have created quite a buzz.

Now, for the first time, honey from beehives on land that belongs to the airport has been made available for purchase to passengers travelling out of Terminal 1.

Dublin airport used to have about 3, staff, but it has recently added , new workers and Two men have been jailed for 18 months for sexually assaulting a sleeping woman in a private room of a nightclub.

Joshua Sykes, 22, and Adam McCabe, 21, said that they had no memory of the offence but identified themselves in A hitman who was covertly recorded plotting to murder a target of the Kinahan gang and snorting cocaine has been jailed for 11 years.

A hitman who was covertly recorded plotting to murder a target of the Kinahan gang and snorting cocaine has been The farmer at Eskeradooey — a proper Co Tyrone hill farmer, neat, courteous and observant — was leaning on a gate at the entrance to his farmyard, a length of blue plastic piping in his hand by way of a switch.

He waved us on politely. The farmer at Eskeradooey — a proper Co Tyrone hill farmer, neat, courteous and observant — was Who would blink first in the stand-off between the UK and the EU has been a key question in recent months.

Who would blink first in the stand-off between the UK and the EU has been a key question in Hook a customer young and you have them for life.

That is the motto of many businesses, but it cannot be allowed to That is the motto of many businesses, but it Duggan Brothers, which is based in Templemore, won the contract to work on the long-awaited final phase upgrade of the south How could he not?

A child of the 90s, from the schoolboy section at the old Lansdowne Road he witnessed the fractured relationship between pitch and stands. This was the era of wooden spoons, skewed decision making and chronic instability, a decade when Ireland lost a two-test series to Namibia, and posted a return of A child of the 90s, from the Keith Earls, the Ireland wing, insists he never had any ambition to leave Munster.

Having recently signed an Having recently signed an extension to his contract, Earls will be 34 when he next becomes a free agent, but plans to see out his career with Munster rather than seek one final payday abroad.

Having recently signed an extension to his A little disappointed because we had to make the bed and wash the towels. But would definitely stay again!

We had a great trip! Washing machine not working and no iron. Overall place is nice and clean and good location. Addison's apartment is modern, clean and comfortable!

The location is perfect for anything you want to do in Manhattan. There were 2 things that were very disappointing to us. First, the outdoor space was not as pictured.

There was a step ladder and a cracked full length mirror and nothing else. No chairs as pictured. Two days into our week stay the wifi stopped working.

We informed Addison right away but did not have wifi which means no television till the day before we left.

This was exactly as pictures showed on the listing! Beautiful, clean, and located in a very cute area! We loved our stay and would highly recommend this to anyone!

We highly recommend staying at Addison's place! The location is perfect: The apartment is amazing: Addison was easy to communicate with, attentive to our needs, very practical and helpful.

We would always consider staying at Addison's place for our travels to New York. Please keep in mind as you read this that this is only our 5th AirBnB stay and is based on our previous 4 experiences.

It is very possible that our previous experiences were exceptional and that this is more the norm. All of our "issues" are minor or simply different than our previous experiences and would not dissuade us from staying at Addison's again: Not an issue, just different from previous.

Addison did respond promptly to our inquiry, asking us to look in the closet, but there was none. Have stayed here several times before and look forward to coming back soon!

His home is lovely. Murat is very kind and nice. Everything is ready for us when we get there. We even have a private bathroom which We appreciate a lot.

The only thing is the transportation. But all throughout the place is awesome and we enjoyed our stay. The place was safe, clean and in a very desirable neighborhood.

The room was very comfy , you have a private bathroom and we were able to rest well after a long flight. We will definitely consider staying here again!

My husband and I spent the weekend there and had a great time. The two roommates were there at night when we got there and were always very welcoming and polite.

The home is perfectly situated. Half a block down you take one bus that drops you off right in times square.

It was perfect for us as we wanted to be in the city during the day but get away from the noise at night. A very quite and safe neighborhood.

We walked home from dinner one night and we never felt unsafe. The bathroom is not in the room but is for private use. We had our own bathroom which was really nice.

And the apartment was 1 minute walk from the bus stop, so transportation to new york was really convenient and easy.

It was a really comfortable and nice stay in general. However our room did not have bathrooms inside it.

Good host and peaceful area. The place is great, clean, tidy, comfortable, close to transportation, close to fantastic views of Manhattan, and Murat is a helpful and courteous person,.

Murat and his roommates were very nice and hospitable and the apartment is very close to a bus that quickly gets you to Times Square. However, the room and apartment was not as listed.

Nice room and apartment but not that all what was in any of the pictures. Also no iron or private bathroom. This is a great place to stay if you're making a quick trip to New York and need an affordable place to stay.

There were many delicious South American cuisine shops in the area that I could walk around and it was the best.

Amazing place with amazing view on New York city! The only point to note is the housing in the basement without window.

It's a very good choice for family of 3or4, not far from Manhattan, the owner is very very kind, really fair rate for a basement suit.

But if you can walk a bit more, that wouldn't bother much. It only took me about 30 minutes to reach the Hoboken terminal using the metro from this Airbnb.

I would definitely recommend it. We loved our stay so much! Lidia made our day SO good through quick communication and giving us a parking spot we could park early at hers and then we got to enjoy NYC for a full day!

Coming home very late and tired it was such a comfort to be in a warm, lovely and spacious attic bedroom with multiple beds and linen and a clean bathroom.

It was nice to meet your lovely family too! It is a minute bus trip in and out of NYC depending on the traffic but its a very simple ride.

This is a great and VERY affordable rental! Lidia welcomed us, we arrived in the middle of the night and she came to open the door and show us around the house.

The room is good for a few days, it is not super clean but it goes. Fantastic space with private bathroom. Super close to plenty of shops and restaurants plus buses to Manhattan.

It takes between 30 and 60 minutes to Port Authority depending on traffic. Excellent value for money totally recommended.

The attic was designed so cozy and homey. Theres even private bathroom there! Walking down the street for 5 minutes and you get to see the new york city building from a far and its really pretty at night!

Everything was really good. Nothing can describe enough how we satisfied staying there! This is a very comfortable place of stay.

It is quiet, spacious and provides great value overall. The host is very friendly, welcoming and responsive to guests. I recommend this host and place of stay!

Very good location, very close to Manhattan, the neighborhood is nice and safe and the hospitality and attention elides and your family very warm!

I would definitely go back: This is an amazing spot! Has a great view of the city, Neisy was a great host and very quick to communicate and address any concerns.

Could not give a higher recommendation! I was horrified when I arrived at the apartment. I want to start off by saying that the host was very sweet and helpful.

She was very attentive, therefore, I did not want to leave a bad review at first. However, I was told that I would receive a refund and I still have not received it.

I have taken the issue to Airbnb customer service. The apartment was a mess when my partner and I arrived.

There were dirty dishes all over the kitchen and common areas, bags of garbage, dirty linen, dirty towels. I was disgusted and horrified. I called the host and she immediately apologized and said she would send the cleaning staff over.

She even offered us an additional complimentary day we did not stay an extra night but we did take advantage of the offer and checked out in the evening.

We waited minutes for the cleaning staff to come then we had to awkwardly wait for her to finish cleaning. She did a good job overall. However, I noticed that she only changed the sheets in the bedroom, the comforter was never changed.

The same comforter from the previous reservation was used to make our bed same comforter from the pictures. I was disgusted and never used it. I wonder when that comforter was last washed.

The next day we found about 3 dozen ants in the bedroom. They had gone into our luggage and were all over our clothes. We killed the ants only to find more the following day in the living room.

I had booked the apartment because it looked great in the pictures. The view overall is nice, however, I was disappointed with the bedroom.

The glass panels in the ceiling are very dirty. I expected clear glass panels. I was looking forward to staring into the sky while laying in bed.

That is not possible because the glass is dirty and smudgy. You stare into dirt. I also had to request more toilet paper since the cleaning staff only left half a role.

I messaged the host and she immediately responded saying she will have someone send more over. Then she messaged me saying that the owner had left the toilet paper outside of our door the previous day.

A simple notification from the owner would have been nice. Was I supposed to guess that paper was left outside of the door?

Another reason I booked the apartment was because reviews mentioned that beer and wine was provided by the host. I was having a hard time picking the perfect spot for the "birthday surprise.

The host told us that the owner would bring us beer and wine the day we checked in. I asked about the wine after requesting the toilet paper.

The host told me that she would reach out to the owner once again in regards What you see is what you get Absolutely worth it.

The host was very friendly. He allowed us to check in later on the check out date and even offered beers and wine upon arrival.

The place was stylist spotless clean. The view was amazing as expected. Overall a wonderful experience and would highly recommend this place to anyone.

Neisy's place was exactly what we were looking for. It was private, quiet, clean, and had everything we needed to feel comfortable.

The bedroom windows were amazing and the shower was spectacular. The view from the apartment was better than we could have hoped for.

I wish we could have stayed longer! Very good price for accomodation 20 min from New York, with super friendly hosts!

Recommended to all budget travelers. This is the true feeling of a sister from a foreign country in Chongqing, China: My house is beautiful, clean and tidy.

The location of the whole house is very good and quiet. It takes about 30 minutes to get to the center of Newyork.

The location is very good and the community is very safe! I have a dog at home, very obedient, very good for the guests.

I have added a lot to my journey. I have learned a lot from her. This house is super cost-effective. If you choose, you will not regret it!

Finally, when I was there, the landlord gave me a blunt meal in Shanghai! I like this house very lucky!

Meet and be fate! She was very responsive to my needs even though I booked on extremely short notice. Would gladly stay here again! The room is very welcoming and the surrounding living environment is also very safe.

Whether it is day or night, the nearby bus station has a car that can reach the port authority bus terminal in the center of New York.

Great place to stay with really good system of having a key in a locker with a code. Laura was an amazing host.

She provided us with tips on how to get around and where things are located. She also responds very quickly. The appartment was roomy.

It's a very quick commute to NYC. It is a great place to stay. Great host, great apartment, great location. Had everything we needed for a great visit to New York.

Couldn't have asked for more. Clean and close to time square. About 3ish bucks both ways to NYC and back to Jersey and neighbor is quiet. This place is great.

Note that only 4 people can eat at the diner table at a time. For a home that can host 8 persons very comfortably it's a pity we can't all eat together A very available host, responsive and very friendly.

Fresh drinks upon arrival. I recommend this accommodation which is well located for New York and very nice, well maintained. A few meters from the apartment there are buses every 5 minutes to go to.

Where to go to Manhattan, the ferry, bus and car hire are both in a good location. To the supermarket, you can go by bus or by car.

It was good that the room was independent of each other. The check-in experience was great! However, it was a bit near the subway running route and the road.

It was noisy at night and the noise was a little bit affected. Our room and apartment description were spot on. Door codes allow you to confidently lock your belongings up, also not to mention the affordable price.

Great place with wonderfully sized rooms. Great for a small getaway or a big family getaway to NYC. Clean and easy to find. We had a great stay at Joos place!

We really enjoyed our time in New York City and in her house. Her house is close to the metro station in Manhattan which makes it easy to get to all the sightseeing spots.

We were able to drop our luggage in advance and even our room was ready for us earlier than expected! The rooms were really clean and she left some snacks and drinks for us, which was so nice!

Also it was quiet at night! I would recommend staying at her place, when looking for a spot to sleep in Manhattan!

This was my second stay at Joo's place and it was just as great as the first. There was a slight mix up on my first day of this stay but Joo's husband, Young, made sure he was in communication throughout and came in early the next day to see that we were fine and ensure that we were comfortable.

If that isn't hospitality I don't know what it is then. I work in the hospitality industry and we felt just as comfortable or more than at an actual hotel.

Rooms were clean, snacks and drinks as usual and the privacy you have here is amazing, even though there were other guests staying at the time.

Great find in NYC! Also, at the time we were visiting, the subway station going downtown was closed for repairs. Find Houses near Nizza on Airbnb.

Discover entire homes and private rooms perfect for any trip. Places to stay near Nizza. Fully testy renovated, big, bright, clean 2 bedroom apt in Union City New Jersey.

Transportation to New York City is 0- 2 blocks away. Buses run 24 hours a day. It is easier and faster to commute into the City from Union City than commuting from Brooklyn or Queens.

If you were to stay in the Bronx it would take you 40 min to get to Times Square. If you were to Stay in Brooklyn it would take you the same amount of time as subways in Brooklyn are not direct.

If you were to stay in Manhattan you would not find a place as big as this one for this price. It will take you 15 - 20 minutes to be directly in Times Square by a bus in most time except weekday rush hours.

There is a parking space in front of our house, serving guests from 3 apartments. Typical, safe metropolitan NYC area community.

There is a lot of restaurants, groceries, bakeries around. But it is also quiet at night. For anyone who want fast access to Manhattan and reasonable dwelling price, this is idea place to stay.

Want all the conveniences but on a budget? Our private modern cozy newly renovated 1 BR suite offer separate living room, full bath and kitchenette.

Half block from bus stop, 15 min to Times Square, steps to magnificent Manhattan skyline view! Newly renovated modern cozy open sunlight one bedroom suite located on the second floor of a beautiful Victorian house.

The unit featured sunbathed one bed room with a Queen size memory foam mattress, separate living room, full bathroom and kitchenette.

It can comfortably accommodate up to 4 people with daybed in the living room which open to become a king size bed. The kitchenette is equipped with microwave, mini fridge, coffee maker and toaster.

There is no stove available and cooking is not possible. This is a family and kid friendly place with a crib available upon request. For your comfort the bedroom has its own brand new air conditioner.

This is a historic site of the Aron Burr Alexander Hamilton dueling grounds just next door. It is an upscale and safe neighborhood with NYC skyline at your doorstep.

Weehawken houses many beautiful private homes and mansions with quiet tree lined neighborhood and only a turn from convenient public transport off Boulevard East.

It is the area in Weehawken that combines the serenity, spectacular view, conveniences and very easy street parking.

You have easy access to everything NYC has to offer and yet return to a tranquil home. Our cool and comfortable room has a private entrance, very well located in a safe area close to Manhattan.

Just 15 minutes bus ride to Times Square and 15 minutes walking to the best panoramic view you can ever see of the city that never sleeps. Beautiful, quiete and comfortable room just 15 minutes or less bus ride from Times Square.

Perfect for a couple or singles that want to be close to Manhattan without spend a fortune. Very safe and convenient. Price includes wi-fi internet, 32 inches flat tv with cable, small refrigerator, air conditioner, comfortable orthopedic queen size bed, microwave and coffee maker.

We will provide you with clean towels, shampoo and soap like if you were in an hotel. Close to supermarket, restaurants and nice stores.

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