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How cork flooring installation is done in complete easy steps

Cork flooring is usually considered to be a very good option if you consider going for an eco-friendly type of floor which is comfortable, a good insulator and also looks good beside it being pocket friendly

The two different types of cork flooring

Cork flooring is usually considered to be a very good option if you consider going for an eco-friendly type of floor which is comfortable, a good insulator and also looks good beside it being pocket friendly. Cork flooring is a very easy job to perform and usually comes in two different types. There is the floating floor and the glue down installation types. There are also general steps which are involved when you are doing any of your cork flooring.

When you are gluing down your cork floor you do that using an adhesive. This must be performed in a very clean sub floor like for example a hardwood. The material cost for this is usually very low but the main disadvantage is that if one tile gets damaged and you must repair it’s usually a difficult task. On the other hand, to install a floating cork floor it’s a much easier work. This is because the cork planks normally come ready to interlock with each other. They are also easy for you to install in various existing floor like wood, vinyl or ceramic. All what is required is that the sub floor in which this floating corks is to be installed needs to be dry and even as well.

The various steps in cork flooring installation

Cork floor tiles usually cork as 12 inch square and this means that the surface to which the tiles are to be installed at all-time must be prepared beforehand. The surface must first be cleaned, dried up and even at all time. The surface also can either be concrete subflooring or hardwood. If the subfloor to be used by any chance is made of concrete it is always good to repair any damages or cracks in it and also ensure before you can install the cork flooring the concrete is dry. The doorframes also must be cut into size and this is to make sure that the cork tile fit well under them. Check and make sure that the concrete is dry and leveled and this is to make sure once the cork tiles are fixed they will look smooth.

If you are used glue down flooring installation on a sub floor of concrete, the concrete must always be dried up and primer layer before you apply the glue. If you are installing it on wood subfloor, the uneven areas on the wood must always be leveled. Also for subfloors which might be over crawlspace you must use a waterproof sheet to always cover the ground under it. after you get to adjust on the size of the doorframes to make some space for the cork tiles, then the corks tile can be installed .in case there are some irregularities on the floor, these will show up definitely on the surface of the cork so always make sure that the sub floor is leveled and smooth.

If the installation is on wood, uneven areas must be leveled. The base must be dry. For sub floors that are over the crawlspace a waterproof sheet must be used to cover the ground under it. After adjusting the size of the doorframes to make space for the cork tiles, the cork tiles can be installed.

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Todays Carpet Trends

Todays Carpet Trends

Going beyond beigeLong ago, when the choices of carpet were limitedto basic beige, the designers tended to treat itmore often than not as a neutral background forrooms. These days, with numerous patterns, textures,and colors to choose from, the carpet is quicklyemerging as the focal point in many interiordesigns.

Although you may think the need for neutral carpethas faded away, it hasn't, as Berber is still anexcellent choice. Unlike the plain choices of theearly 1990s, the versions of today offer more pattern and texture. Even the traditional typesof Berber carpet offer more visual interest with more extreme differences in pile being cut thicker,with deeper loop textures.

Color being sprinkled against a neutral backgroundwill add interest and dimension while helping tomask spots and spills. The flecks of color arenow appearing against tan, beige, and cream typebackgrounds as well as in other neutrals as well.

Colors and texturesThe major shift in new products is going towardslayered color and softer texture in carpet. Thecombination of pattern and texture will alwaysbe a popular choice simply because it minimizessoil and vacuum marks. The other advantage hereis that the color and texture offer a moredistinct styling and plenty of fashion appealas well.

The new products are rapidly changing the perception of carpet as not only being a background to showcase other furnishings tothe possibility that the carpet can become afocus for design as well.

ConstructionThe new manufacturing capabilities have producedseveral new looks with carpets that are constructedwith cut and loop yarns. Some examples includebows, swirls, lattices, plaids, pin dots, andseveral others.

By taking advantage of these choices, you can adda great deal of interest to the room and in sequence with the florals, stripes, and other patterns on windows and furniture. The carpetpattern and texture will also increase theperception of quality and value in the carpet,and will add a much broader element to the surroundings as well.

These days, carpets can do more than just protectyour sub floor. They can add a new level ofcomfort and warmth to your home, with literallythousands of choices available. Carpet iseasier than ever to clean as well, making itmore than worth worthy of being in your home.

With several different trends and new and excitingcolors to choose from, the carpets of todaycan make your house come alive. The carpetswill add new meaning to your rooms, making youappreciate your home even more. If you haveolder carpet in your home now, you shouldn'twait another minute to upgrade. Once you takea look at all of the choices you have, you'llwant to get that new carpet in now - as yourfloor with want to thank you as well!

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